About Us

About Us

Agri gives superior service.

Only getting part of what you need is frustrating. So is being put on hold or pressing numbers trying to reach a live person when your in the weeds. We understand that.

To make sure you get what you order we deliver from the early morning, late afternoon, overnight. The operations department at Agri runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Why? Because we know that’s what it takes to be better. Agri is dedicated to being there with everything, every time.


Multiple Units A Specialty

Agri has built a base of multi-unit businesses. How is that good for you?

If you are a hotelier, the reasons are prima facie, as Agri is a major purveyor to many fine hotels. One reason our clients choose us is because of what we do behind the scenes; Brix testing of produce shipments. We use refractometers to ensure that a high level of natural sugars are present in the products we sell, so that they taste good. Really, anyone can sell you melons; the difference is we know ours taste better. And it’s not just a lucky guess. It’s science for your amenity fruit, and more.

For our service to restaurants, look to our flexibility. Agri currently services a great variety of Chefs, which creates broad color strokes in our house. We buy more of the good stuff, and pass it on, for you to play with! We want more than just red and green on your plates. Take advantage of this opportunity!

For the gourmet grocer, there are a number of areas Agri is the logical choice to service your produce department. Pricing at contract rates. Rare & hard to find items in stock. HAACP awareness and compliance. And a good attitude (included with every purchase). These are just a few of the qualities you can expect from Agri Exotic Trading.

And finally, when compared to other forms of food-industry businesses, the caterer has some unique qualities that Agri understands. Appropriate products for a budget are one part of the equation. Timing is doubly important, especially for those off-site jobs; that’s why we get there first for you.

Ultimately, there is one thing we know. Few things are more important than quality. That’s why Agri always has high-end products in stock every day.


Agri fresh-cut – Custom Cuts For Your Operation

Timing matters. So when a catering job adds 30% more heads with 2 days notice, what do you do? When a banquet goes from 400 to 600, can you rent a few more hours in a day? When unexpected 8-tops wipe out the cooler on a Friday, is there enough product left to cover Sunday brunch?

Don’t risk it. Order fresh-cut produce, and get some sleep. When you just don’t have the time, you can basically rent a room full of prep cooks for the night. Peeled potatoes & onions, a hundred pounds of mire poix, 6 gallons chunked melon fruit salad, chopped butternut. All ready for you, no extra labor, boom-done. It’s a phone call away, Chef.

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