Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chanterelle mushrooms are an all-time foraging favorite, providing a big flavor and meaty texture. They will become readily available as we approach the colder months. Here at Agri, we’re getting ready for prime chanterelle mushroom season. We only supply what’s in season, fresh, and of the highest quality.

Origin of the Chanterelle Mushroom

There’s a reason the chanterelle mushroom has a reputation for being the most edible of all wild mushrooms. Its meaty texture, golden-buttery taste, and distinctive qualities set it apart from other species of mushrooms. Some even describe the chanterelle mushroom as having a slightly fruity tinge reminiscent of peach or apricot. It’s packed with necessary nutrients like vitamin C and potassium and is best when eaten fresh.

This famous fungus’s roots span across the entire globe. Moreover, its application is diverse and widespread. Generally, the fungus is found in Asian and African cooking and is indigenous to parts of North America, Central America, Africa, and Eurasia. They grow in mossy clusters and farmers must handle them with care. 

Chanterelle Mushrooms Price

Because of this meaty mushroom’s popularity, limited availability, and lovability, wholesale prices vary. Therefore, you should talk to a reliable Agri representative today to learn about our specific price range for chanterelle mushrooms.

When is Chanterelle Mushroom Season? 

Finally, chanterelle mushroom season is upon us! These mushrooms are usually available in the colder months, peaking in December and January. We supply chanterelle mushrooms for the better half of winter and spring. Remember to check our monthly specs for the most accurate, up-to-date listings. 

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