Cubanelle Pepper

A member of the sweet pepper family, the cubanelle pepper is a low-heat pepper that also packs an enormous punch. These delectable morsels come in various colors and are famous for their oblong shape. You can find the coveted cubanelle pepper at Agri this season. Check out what’s in store this month at Agri.

Cubanelle Pepper Flavor Profile

Like the commonly known bell pepper, the cubanelle pepper is honeylike in flavor, but not as mild as a sweet pepper. Its mellow taste and punchy bite make it the perfect pepper for warmer fall cuisine. They’re roughly 6-8 inches in size, with a subtle curl at the end of their tail.

Cubanelle peppers have been compared to Anaheim peppers because of their satisfying snap. When matured, their deep green hues can transform into vibrant yellows or reds.

The Origin of Cubanelle Peppers

Found mainly in Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican cuisine, cubanelle peppers originate from South and Central America. In fact, “cubanelle” actually translates to little Cuba! 

Many chefs highlight its vast flavors in Sofrito or in pizza and pasta sauces. Its hearty qualities are what make it such a versatile and diverse nightshade. Used cross-culturally, cubanelles are also quite popular in Italian cuisine. This is a direct result of explorers bringing the pepper into other European countries.

The Price-Range for a Cubanelle

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Agri Can Meet All Your Produce Needs

Cubanelle peppers are now available at Agri! We know what it takes to go above and beyond for our clients. This is why we’re committed to sourcing fresh, high-quality, and seasonal produce for the businesses we serve. Our wide range of services includes express pick-up, fresh-cut produce services, and 24-hour availability. We’re here 6 days a week when you need it most.

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