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The Wild Woodland Onion: Shop AgriExotic Ramp Season Produce Supply

We’re coming up on Spring. Things are ramping up with warmer weather and plants in bloom. The Spring time also brings with it an abundance of fantastic produce options that are unique to the season. One type of produce that has a narrow window for finding is the ramp onion. When are ramps in season? You guessed it, Spring!  Let’s talk a little bit about what ramps are and where you can find them. We guarantee that they are certainly worth the effort.

Ramp Onion

These onions, often referred to as spring onions, are a wild onion that only appear for a limited amount of time. The ramp onion typically shows up at the onset of the spring season. It becomes more prevalent after a heavy rainfall and is typically found growing in dense patches once you find them. You might be thinking, ”Wait. Heavy rainfall? Dense patches? I’m here to figure out what these are and when to get them.” If you haven’t guessed it by now, the only way to acquire these tasty treats is through foraging…for the most part, but we’ll cover that later. 

Ramps are not something that can be grown and cultivated year round. This is what makes them so special. They are sweeter than most common onions and add a light accent to any dish. They even have a lighter flavor profile than chives and green onions, which are often misconstrued for the same thing. 

Ramp It Up

The ramp is a hiker’s best friend, along with the similar fiddlehead fern, which is another popular foragable option during this season. It’s almost funny how well these two compliment each other, but that’s for another article. 

This wild onion can be used in many ways. The first way is to incorporate it into a nice spring salad. It’s lighter profile compliments many fruits and leafy greens, such as strawberries and cabbage. IF that’s not your thing, you can just as easily dice them up and saute them to add to your favorite meat or pasta dish. They are not as bold as the standard onion and offer a nice accent to dishes as opposed to being the main character. What’s a better way to taste the season than with flavors that are as light and pleasing as the first breezes of the season? You’ll know how to use them best.

When Are Ramp Onions in Season

We mentioned that there is a narrow window to find these and we weren’t exaggerating. Ramp season is much, much smaller than the actual spring season they show up during. The best time to look for ramps is usually the first few weeks of spring, around the early stages of March. Now, this will change depending on geographics, but if you hear the birds chirping and the flowers blooming, you know that it is time to keep your eyes peeled. They are most easily found during hiking trips and after a big rain. Those March showers do a lot more than bring in the April flowers. The ramp onion is certainly worth the hunt and can be one of the tastiest ways to usher in the beginning of the new spring season. 

Alternative Sources

We mentioned above that the only way to find these is foraging “for the most part,” so we feel it’s best to clarify. While this is true, this doesn’t mean that YOU have to do the foraging. At Agri Exotic Trading, we do the footwork for you and make it as easy as a few clicks to get this great spring treat sent straight to your doorstep. 

Check out our site today to see what we’ve got waiting for you.

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